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Blockchain technology ensures a permanent and tamper-proof account of the information that a cluster of computers manages. Since a single entity does not own it, every party can be sure of the integrity of the system. Blockchain guarantees the security uss express reviews of the data shared amongst the vendors, production teams, purchasing departments, sales, distribution as well as customers. The technology offers many advantages, including smart contracts to enhance transparency, authentication, and limit fraud.

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For advanced management services—often called 4PL services—RedHawk Global provides quotes based on your specific needs. FreightPros is not an order fulfillment or parcel shipping service like FedEx Fulfillment, ShipBob, and Red Stag Fulfillment. Its freight-focused services are very well-rounded, but it doesn’t offer much in terms of storage or distribution services. It’s a point-to-point freight shipping 3PL company that deals with freight movement—not long-term storage or managed distribution. FreightPros is a freight-focused 3PL service that saves you money and time on inbound, outbound, and point-to-point freight shipments. Using FreightPros, you get access to discounted rates for over 70 truck, LTL, and rail carriers, along with a suite of tools to manage shipments yourself. If you prefer a more hands-off approach, FreightPros experts can schedule, book, and track shipments on your behalf.

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From a faster way to book loads to factoring solutions for faster pay, our products keep you on the road and in the money. Take a look at our trucking management solution that cuts down on paperwork so you can process more loads, cash flow fixes that put money in your pocket when you need it now, and more. There are thousands of 3PL companies that can take the burden of managing supply chain and order fulfillment off your shoulders. Whether you need ecommerce fulfillment, freight solutions, or both, finding the perfect fit takes time.

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  • They also have three international warehouse locations for streamlined global distribution.
  • Added services, such as freight spend analysis, are available and generally free for regular clients too.
  • Each location is locally-managed, leaving the company more prepared to deal with supply chain challenges.
  • They service many customers across various industries.
  • The outsourced logistics company is responsible for supplying the products required by customers.

It also doesn’t offer batch fulfillment services for crowdfunding ventures, which is a convenient option offered by ShipBob. Whitebox’s pricing structure is different from other 3PL companies, and it has two components—fulfillment and marketplace management (also called its “growth agency” services). The majority of customers seem very happy with FreightPros’ services, rates, and responsiveness. The negative reviews found were primarily carrier-focused complaints and, while those issues reflect on the broker, they ultimately can’t be attributed to its service. FreightPros is a small freight broker that delivers impressive industry expertise in a small-business-friendly package. Also, Red Stag doesn’t offer standardized freight or LTL shipping solutions. Its forte is large, heavy, and high-value parcel shipping; for these purposes, it’s a top fulfillment choice.

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Red Stag Fulfillment focuses its 3PL services on clients with products that require special handling. These are the features that manage the execution of the freight pick-up, tracking and delivery. SCM entails managing all the inventory and transportation details to get the product to its final destination. Supply chain management offers better cost management by maintaining the inventory system, stocking the finished goods as well as managing distributors and vendors. It is also vital in improving the system’s responsiveness to the customer’s requirements. This will subsequently reduce overall business expenditure.

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