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If you prefer a more hands-off approach, FreightPros experts can schedule, book, and track shipments on your behalf. As the table shows, no small-business-friendly 3PL company fills every logistics need. Some focus on ecommerce fulfillment and offer related specialties such as ShipBob’s batch fulfillment and Whitebox’s marketplace management services. Most small businesses need a 3PL company to handle logistics in specific operational areas such as ecommerce order fulfillment, freight shipping, or import and export logistics. There are large 3PL companies that deliver all of these services.

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RedHawk Global is a small-business-friendly 3PL company that provides freight shipping, warehousing, and distribution services across the US, Canada, and Mexico. In point-to-point freight shipping, it competes closely with FreightPros. However, RedHawk Global pulls ahead with added 3PL bulk freight storage and distribution services that appeal to manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers.

Xpo Logistics, Inc

Supply chain & logistics companies can consume precious hours, which can otherwise be used for marketing, building customer relationships, and formulating new uss express reviews ideas. Since supply chain companies will oversee the supply and distribution, business owners can allocate more time to further strengthening the business.

logistics company reviews

To help you find the best from an exhaustive number supply chain & logistic companies, GoodFirms steps up with a list of competent service providers. Examine this list of supply chain companies to find one best suited for your requirements. Before investing in a supply chain logistics company, it is imperative to comprehend the organization’s needs. An efficient supply chain management system delivers numerous complex modules, enabling businesses to manage different business areas. These solutions may range from managing finances, production, inventory, shipping, purchasing, sales, etc.

List Of The Top Supply Chain Companies

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  • YRC Freight has been named for the fourth time as the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council’s – National LTL Carrier of the Year.
  • For example a shipping company will want detailed transportation functionality; a warehouse will want warehouse and inventory control; a distribution center will want dispatch and delivery.
  • After subcontracting supply chain management companies, the supply chain managers focus on processes, such as ordering, managing inventory, authorizing payments, etc.
  • Of our six top contenders, only one—FedEx Fulfillment—covers both fulfillment and freight logistics arenas.

Whitebox’s free quote calculator gives you an accurate idea of your total costs per sales channel. Just provide them a few details to instantly get cost and profit estimates as seen in the image below. With this full-service platform, you’ll also be paying marketplace and FBA fees, so the total impact on your bottom line can be substantial. Because of this, we recommend Whitebox for product manufacturers that have large markups of 250% or more. For these sellers, Whitebox can be the ideal full-service partner due to its extensive and well-developed turnkey services. Some users reported issues with billing and insurance claims, while the main point of contention appears to be carrier guarantees.